Camper conversions on the Radio

It seems that interest in camper conversions continues unabated. Certainly the number of enquiries we are currently receiving about T5 and T6 work suggests that people are seeing the benefit of a bespoke conversion; whether as an everyday vehicle or the special holiday wagon.

I woke up last week to hear a chap on Radio 2 talking about camper vans. If I’d not known better, I’d have thought he worked for us. Mike and Colin swear blind that they are too young to listen to Radio 2, so they missed it.

The man did a great job of explaining the pros and cons of large motor homes versus small campervans. He talked about the fact that he had a friend with a 6 tonne mobile home which they loved, but that there were parts of the country they simply couldn’t visit, as it didn’t fit down the roads. They got round this by having 2 motorbikes onboard!

Next he talked about small campervans such as his own and how much easier they are to live with on a day to day basis. The fact that you can access almost anywhere a car can go came first. Then he went on to talk about the fact that you didn’t need to plan where you were going next. He hardly ever stays at ‘proper’ campsites apparently; by the sounds of it he just sets off and follows the best weather forecast. That sounds brilliant to me.

Finally he talked about the fact that good camper conversion specialists are in high demand, with the best being booked up until at least next spring. Certainly this is something we are keenly aware of, as our order book is very healthy and we’re trying to work out how to reduce our waiting list at the same time as maintaining the highest possible quality. All too often you hear of conversion companies suddenly expanding at an unsustainable rate. We won’t be doing that, but rest assured we are quietly working away behind the scenes to see what we can do, as our next available build slot is months away at the movement.

The best thing for me though was his praise of small conversion companies such as ours. He noted that there are some very good conversion companies out there (that’s us) and some of them offer a hire van (that’s us too) with some offering prospective customers the chance to hire a van for a weekend and if they subsequently buy a conversion, the cost of the hire will be deducted from the cost of the work (and that’s us as well).
I mentioned the broadcast to Mike later that day. “That’s really odd” he said. “I had a chap phone up only yesterday who asked all those questions in exactly that order. Do you think he was someone doing research because he was booked to appear on the BBC?”

Who knows? All I know for certain is that what he said is very much in line with our own thoughts. And with that I’d better get back to work. There are 2 vans on the ramps at the moment and the phone is ringing….