One of the most basic elements of a conversion is the actual trim out. This involves removing any panelling that may be in the rear of the van, installing insulation within the bodywork and doors, fitting replacement ply panelling and then applying a final surface.

On the majority of the surfaces this is a speciality flexible carpet which has excellent soundproofing and thermal insulation properties; and of course it looks good too. On the door cards we use Santos Faux Suede which is manufactured for what they class as ‘severe contract use’, incorporating a stain repel finish. It looks great, is easy to clean and it’s very hard wearing; giving a tough but extremely up-market feeling to the panels. This material is continued on the roof lining (if there is no elevating roof) and on the underside of the upper bed (if a pop top is fitted).

When finished, the effect is great and not only do the vans look fantastic, they are also a lot quieter and warmer too.
Of course attention to detail is paramount when trimming out a van and we take time to ensure that great care and effort is taken to ensure a perfect fit. This week seems to have been ‘trim out week’, with 3 bookings being taken to trim out day vans in the near future. This seems to be a popular option with Kombi van owners in particular, who want to keep their second row of seats but have the added luxury and cosiness of a trimmed out rear cabin.