Campervans and Festivals; the best of both worlds

Summer is coming, so it’ll soon be festival season. And when it comes to festivals, renting a VW T6 Campervan makes a lot of sense.

Of course there are a number of options when it comes to accommodation…

You can use a tent.

They are cheap and purists will tell you that they offer a truly ‘authentic’ festival experience. There are a couple of issues though. They are totally insecure, so don’t expect to leave anything in your tent, not even your beer.

Then there’s the problem of actually finding your tent late at night. There’ll be thousands of tents all looking remarkably similar in the dark and you are likely to join hundreds of people  staggering around unzipping random tents in the hope of looking inside and seeing that it’s actually yours. So there is a good chance you may well try to get into someone else’s tent or worse still, actually find someone else tucked up in your sleeping bag when you return. Then once you have evicted the unwanted tenant, you’ll spend the rest of the night dealing with a succession of drunken couples unzipping your tent to see if it’s theirs.

Oh and if the weather is bad, then you need to take it for granted that you’ll be rolling around in a sea of mud and absolutely everything you own that hasn’t been stolen will be cold, wet and muddy. Yuck.

You can stay in a hotel or B&B.

This pretty much assures that you’ll be dry and your stuff will be secure, but you’ll have to leave the festival site every time you want to relax and this means you’ll miss half the fun. It’s likely to cost a fortune too and the best rooms will have been booked up last year anyway, so it’s hardly an option at this stage. I guess there’s always a Travelodge 20 miles away.

Or you could rent a campervan.

Of course I’m going to recommend this option; after all we are a camper conversion company who can rent you a fantastic VW T6 camper for just such an occasion. But there are good reasons behind my thinking….

An 8 Ball Camper Conversion offers the warmth, security and dryness of a hotel, with the true festival experience offered by staying on site.  If you get tired and want a rest, you can pop back to the van nfor 40 winks on a nice comfy bed.

As camper people tend to be a friendly bunch too, the chances are that in the evening you’ll end up sitting by a BBQ, with a cool beer or two chatting with new found friends. And unlike the tent dweller (who has most likely had their beer stolen or if they’ve still got it, it’s warm), your beer will be ice cold from the fridge. Colin reckons that in a camper van you should be able to keep your beer cold for 3 days or so off grid. And I don’t think I’m spreading gossip here when I say he should know!

So with the accommodation sorted, all you need to do is to decide which festival to attend. Being Britain the choice is almost limitless. Glastonbury is of course very popular, as is Leedsfest, Womad, Carfest and Latitude. But if these are not for you, how about Bog Snorkelling in Wales, Dwile Flonking in Sussex,  Up Helly Aa in Shetland or perhaps the International Festival of Worm Charming in Devon or The Nutters’ Dance in Lancashire. Britain in the summer is an absolute joy and the diversity of the festival scene offers something for every campervan enthusiast.

So if you are looking for a camper to take to your festival of choice, look no further than 8 Ball. We have various rental dates available throughout the summer in a cosy VW T6 that sleeps 4 and which has the all important fridge too!