The Loc8 Table System: A solution for everyone with a VW T5 or T6 who wants a table without the hassle of finding a place to store it.

People the world over seem to have one question when it comes to campervans. “What about a table?”

Some conversions have really obtrusive permanent tables on swing away brackets that always seem to be in the way. Some conversions do away with a table altogether and others (like ourselves) use a fold up table that can be removed when not in use.

I hate to admit it, but none of the solutions seem to be perfect. We think ours is the best approach of course, but it does have its drawbacks; most notably what to do with the table when it’s not in use? We store it in the rear section of the RIB seat when travelling, but when you make the bed, you can be left with the table and limited options as to where to put it overnight.

What is needed is an innovative camper solution. You know the sort of thing, a logical and useful way to solve the problem.

At last it looks like a solution is at hand.

How about a standalone table that can be used in or out of your VW T5 or T6 and which is stored neatly out of the way in a space that is simply wasted?

The Loc8 Table System seems to be the answer. This ingenious system has 2 parts to it; a sliding door panel (the Loc8Trim) that acts as the storage unit and the table itself (the Loc8Table). We’ve been using a pre production version for the last few weeks and it works really well (if you look back to a blog entitled ‘Scouting for a T5’ you’ll see the Neil making good use of the table at in the North Yorkshire Moors.

The prototype trim panel supplied to us was in bare form, but the production version will be finished more closely to match existing VW panels in both colour and texture.

Fitting the Loc8Trim panel into the door is a doddle, using the standard VW clips. The door itself needs no modification and it takes only a few minutes to have the new trim in place. From experience it seems to take longer removing the standard hardboard VW trim than it does to fit the new ABS plastic trim; which requires little more than using your thumbs to push the clips back in again.

One major positive is that once secured in place the panel looks like it belongs there, rather than being an obtrusive add on, so common with many aftermarket products.

The table itself stands on 4 aluminium legs, each with adjusters at the end, should the table be placed on a slightly uneven surface. The legs fold down and lock in place easily and the whole thing works well.

But the cleverest part comes when you fold the table up and want to put it away. It simply slots into the door panel and that’s it. No clumsy locking tabs, no complicated mechanisms to go wrong and nothing to rattle.

It’s the answer to a campervan builder’s dream and the fact that it will fit any right hand drive T5 or T6 means that it will work for everyone. So whether you’re a builder who needs a table on which to lay out plans, a day van user who wants a picnic table or full-on campervan enthusiast who wants a table to use both inside and out, it will work for you.

And the company who makes the Loc8Table System? Innovative Camper Solutions Ltd; an apt name if ever there was one.

A pre-production Loc8Table System in our van

A production version now fitted in our hire van