Pack the wellies, here comes summer

Summer is here. No honestly, it must be, as Colin has turned the garage heater off! The result is that it’s a bit chilly in there, so I’ve taken to sitting in a nice warm van out in the sunshine.

Mr Buchanan, I hope you love your van; from where I’m sitting it is lovely and as I look around as it nears completion, it looks and feels great.

The joy of a camper conversion is that you can be snuggly and warm whatever the weather and that’s a very good thing, as the British weather is somewhat unpredictable. Yesterday the weather forecast was for it to be warm and sunny, so I took the day off to do some work outside. It rained all day and I got nothing done. Today it was forecast for rain all day and I’m sitting at work in the sunshine.

People who own campers tend to love the outdoors, as do all of us who work at 8 Ball. The problem of course is that when it rains, people in tents get wet. My own tent seems to have a brilliant groundsheet, but a useless flysheet. So it leaks but then holds the water on top of the groundsheet, making a very effective but shallow swimming pool. You don’t get that in a camper van!

The pop top roof sleeps two in what amounts to a hard top tent. It’s light and airy, private and extremely weather proof, so no matter what the heavens are doing, you remain warm and dry but still feeling connected with the outdoors. If you have children, that’s where they will be and I’m afraid you may have to ‘suffer’ sleeping on the incredibly comfortable RIB bed instead. It’s a car seat, a reclining chair and a bed all in one. And even when it is set up as a bed, thanks to the careful design of our interiors you can still open the fridge to get the milk out for an early morning brew.

So whether we have a glorious summer of sunshine, or a dreary damp 3 months, you can be sure that an 8 Ball Campers Conversion will see you staying in the lap of luxury.