“I want a camper van but I’m not sure how to begin”. This is one of the most common phrases we hear and something we can help with.
We can offer a number of options depending on personal taste and budget constraints.
Most of our customers already have their own van and they know it really well. Now they want to upgrade it to be a full camper and they come to us to discuss colour and trim combinations.
However some of our customers don’t yet have a van and they ask for help in finding one. Of course we can’t guarentee that we can find the perfect base van for you, but with our contacts in the industry, we may be able to point you towards possibilities.
vw camper conversions
Then we have those who are looking for the ultimate. They plan to buy a brand new vehicle and seek our advice on the specifications they should opt for when they place their order with VW. They then have their new van delivered directly to us for conversion.
Whichever you choose, the idea is the same; we take a van and turn it into your dream camper.
But what is your dream camper?
Our standard conversion makes your van into a small ‘home from home’ to sleep 4 people. You get an Austops raising roof that we fit at their factory. This gives excellent headroom in its day mode and sleeps 2 at night in a cozy and weathertight area. The pop top comes with inbuilt mesh fly screens and a window, both of which can be zipped up for extra cozyness and privacy.
Downstairs the standard conversion includes the 8 Ball cupboard system with secure soft close doors and cleverly thought through design features. Then you have a proper compressor fridge, double burner hob and sink with powered tap operating from an in-built 22 litre tank. The walls are insulated and finished in a warm but hard wearing material and the hardwood ply floor is covered in hard wearing Altro.
With LED lighting and a leisure battery/mains system installed, there is plenty of power to keep things running for days on end and optional solar charging is available for those looking for wild camping away from the masses.
The RIB seat/bed folds down to make a fully flat and comfy bed at night and during the day it joins the swivel passenger seat to make a comfy place to sit and relax.
After that, the rest is up to you. Our conversions are bespoke, so please let us know what you are thinking of and we will see what we can do to help.
Of course there are those who want something quite different and a couple of weeks ago we worked on a van for a chap who loves surfing. He didn’t want a full conversion, but rather a day van in which he could keep his boards and perhaps rest for a while. He had the van fully trimmed out as is fairly usual and then we installed an internal surf board mounting and a couple of points from which to hang his hammock. So if you happen to see any pirates at the sea side this summer, at least one of them can find a place to sleep. But he may have to fight a duel with the owner first.