The hire van has been out on its first trip of the season with one of our regular customers. He races catamarans in various locations throughout the UK and he needs somewhere to stay that’s near his boat…in fact if his accommodation could actually tow the boat so much the better: hence the van has a towbar fitted!

camper van electrics

At the present time the snow seems to be falling even though it’s almost May and Colin is busy sorting out sets of electrical installation materials ready for the next 3 conversions.

The ability to have power in your camper must surely be one of the most important features of its conversion. It provides light and keeps the beer cool, it can charge your phone and power your laptop. And if you have an auxiliary heater fitted, it will run that too!

All our standard conversions come with a comprehensive mains and 12 volt system to give you the best of both worlds.

When you arrive at the campsite your high capacity leisure battery is likely to be fully charged from your journey. It’s a separate battery to that of the van, so even if you manage to completely flatten it (which is difficult), the van will still start and the engine will charge the leisure battery back up again.

So wherever you end up, you will be able to benefit from the vehicle’s on board electrical system. The gel battery has a massive capacity. I know this for certain, having accidentally left all the lights and electrics turned on last Saturday morning….and only realising in the early hours of Monday. The lights were still shining brightly and the fridge was lovely and cold.

If on the other hand you arrive at a more upmarket campsite there will be an electrical hook-up point. All our conversions include a mains hook-up, usually discreetly hidden under the rear bumper. This facilitates 240 volt 10 Amp mains electrics inside the van through standard UK sockets, so that you can use your hair-drier for example. At the same time the Sargent electrical unit silently maintains the charge status of the leisure battery that’s running your fridge, lights and auxiliary heater. So you can relax in the lap of luxury in your little home from home.