At 8 Ball Camper Conversions we pride ourselves on simplicity of design and user friendly camper conversions. This is also reflected in the way that we have designed our cupboards/kitchenette. All VW Camper Conversions tend to have a very similar layout which is due to the space provided; however we are able to provide many different styles to choose from. Allowing our customers to be involved it the design process ensures that each van is truly individual.

We always stick by our three main design ethics:

1. Maximum possible storage space

When designing our cupboards it was apparent to us that in many conversions you cannot access the rear wardrobe when the rear seat is in place, only when the bed is down. Our front facing 45 degree wardrobe door ensures easy access regardless of the seat/bed position. The upper rear lockers and side lockers above the kitchenette provide added and essential storage for those smaller items and we have also made sure that when the bed is down you can still access the fridge. Who doesn’t like a cup of tea in bed in the morning.

2. Ease of use

All our cupboard doors have a simple to use push button latch which both provides a handle for opening the door and a lock to keep it closed when you are on the road. All of the upper lockers have self opening stays to keep them open when you are reaching in and all doors are fitted with a soft close system to ensure that they close smoothly and avoiding trapped fingers.

3. Clean lines of symmetry

We strive to make all our cupboards as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Clean sleek lines and balance to the eye are important to us. This is reflected in all our conversions throughout the range.

As all of our conversions are handmade in our own workshop we feel our attention to detail is second to none. We use only the highest quality materials in our conversions using Vohringer, Decalan, and Moorland lightweight furniture ply. With these three, the options are almost endless making your conversion truly bespoke.

Our cupboard doors are all handmade in our workshop to our own design, with our signature curved silver edging. This is a more time consuming process but we feel that it offers a higher quality feel in comparison to standard knock in edging that can look mass produced.

Always striving to make changes while keeping up with our three main ethics, we have introduced a new main cupboard design for 2016. This incorporates an on board water tank using wasted internal cupboard space around the rear wheel arch and allows for more storage in the main cupboards. This also has led to a re designed gas storage locker allowing for an optional gas BBQ outlet.

As always we are flexible in our design and we can make changes to suit our customers needs, all you need to do is ask.

We like to think that our VW Camper Conversions are an inviting, comfortable, and functional place to stay.

Happy Camping

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