Last week saw a return customer pick up his mobile office. Not quite the usual conversion for us; but having built him a T5 mobile office a couple of years ago, he decided it was time for a change to a brand new 65 plate T5.  Of course being daft, we forgot to take any photos of the new van! But if you see a bright orange T5 with LED headlights whizz past you, it may well be sporting an office in the back, complete with 4 fully adjustable leather conference seats and an adjustable, if small, conference table. Oh and if you’d like one yourself, we can always sell you the customer’s first van which is on the forecourt at the moment priced at £19,000.

This week (and we’ve remembered to take some photos this time) we are really excited about seats. Finding quality bespoke leather can be a hit and miss affair, as the material is nowhere near as flexible as fabric. This means that even more care is needed to ensure that leather seat coverings offer a perfect fit. We’ve now teamed up with Trimtechnik ( who are unfortunately based on the other side of the country in Merseyside, but their work is well worth it.

Here’s our latest T5 sporting bespoke original front seats and rear RIB seat, each with embroidered VW logo on contrasting grey and charcoal leather.

We think they look great and the Trimtechik lads who came to install the new covers did such a great job we’ve already got them working on another van.