We’re going to the show

It’s coming up to the season finale Motor Home Show at the Lincolnshire Showground, running from the 23rd to 25th September. It’s the only show we go to each year and we look forward to it immensely.
For us the timing is right. It’s the end of the season and in years gone by we would go to the show with a view to taking bookings for future conversions over the winter period and also to sellthis year’s hire van.
This year is a bit different though as we don’t want to sell our hire van. It will still be at the show though, as it acts as our mobile showroom. Plus it’s a place for us to sleep; after all how can we make camper vans and then opt to stay in a hotel? It’s nothing to do with Colin saving money apparently.
The Lincolnshire show is a varied one. It has camper vans ranging in size from tiny car based conversions, through VW T5 and T6 size, right up to the leviathans that look like detached bungalows on wheels.
For us, the key to the show is that we often meet people who have previously hired a camper van during the summer and having found they liked it, they want to get a van for themselves.
The show offers them an opportunity to compare many different sizes and styles of van so that they can work out exactly what they want. Inevitably the most basic question is size. Do people opt for a large van conversion or do they go for something more compact. There are pros and cons of each and being able to wander from one stand to another looking at the size, design and quality of workmanship can really help people clarify exactly what they want.
Of course we pride ourselves on quality and clever design, so we enjoy the opportunity to show people what we do in the hope that they go and compare our work to others. And as our conversions are bespoke, our customers can get the van they want. rather than just the van that is available.