What’s in a name (or a number)?

So you want a T5 conversion or perhaps a T6, the latest version of the VW transporter?

Logic suggests that the first VW van must have been a T1 and the next type will be a T7. Well almost…..

The Type 1 or T1 was actually the VW Beetle, the funny little car designed by Mr. Porche in the 1930s. The first VW van was initially designated the Type 29 for some

reason, but by the time it was produced it was officially known as the Type 2 or T2. It shared the same layout as the beetle but with the extra space provided, people almost immediately started converting them into camper vans.

When they redesigned the early T2 (with a new single piece windscreen being the obvious change) it continued to be called the T2 by the factory, but the public started to refer to the old split screen versions as being T1’s…which they never were…all very confusing.

The T3 came along in 1979, but for some reason it was sold in the UK as the T25. It was a square thing that still had the engine at the back; which made it a little odd to drive and bad for tradesmen who struggled to lift things onto the high load bed.

The VW van revolution came in 1990 when the T4 was released. Front engined, more curvaceous than its predecessor and a lot nicer to drive, it became an increasingly popular van and a natural choice for camper van conversions.

The T5 arrived in 2003 and ensured that the VW van was light years ahead of the competition. It felt like you were driving a car rather than a van and this made an immediate impression with camper van enthusiasts. The fact that it was economical and reliable too, only helped its great reputation. As the T5 has evolved, options like cruise control, air conditioning, DSG gearboxes and 4 wheel drive have made them even more car-like and they form the backbone of 8 Ball’s business; bespoke campervans that are a joy to drive.

The T6 is the latest version offered by VW and 8 Ball have just completed a conversion on a brand new van that was collected yesterday by a very happy owner. Today a T5 conversion is being collected too; it’s a very busy time!

Whatever you choose in your conversion, by utilising a T5 or T6 you can be certain that it’s going to be a joy to own and that the journey will be as much fun as reaching your final destination.