Apparently almost 14 million UK adults will go to a festival this summer. From T in the park up in Scotland, to the numerous festivals down south, there seems to be a festival to suit every taste. Reggae, Scar, Jazz, Folk, Classical; you name it, there must be at least one that appeals.

Camper vans seem to go hand in hand with festivals and our own hire van spent a week down in Glastonbury last month, somehow it came back very clean and tidy, despite the knee deep mud that we all saw on TV.

Upon it’s return, the customer mentioned 2 things that stood out with regards to VW campers.

Firstly its size. It took almost 13 hours to get from Hull onto the site, most of the time spent queuing at Glastonbury waiting to get on the site. It seems the delay was mostly caused by all the larger mobile home-type vans having to be dragged to their location through the mud, by a team of 12 tractors! When it came to our hire van, being smaller and more nimble, it managed to drive to its pitch with no problems. Sometimes smaller is better (I can’t believe I’m saying that…as I’m 6’4”!).

Of course, the size of a van is a major issue when deciding what type of camper to go for. Certainly large vans with wide caravan bodies have lots of space inside. But they are also lumbering great things that don’t fit in parking spaces and you’ll struggle to find a supermarket without a height restriction bar too. So your relaxing holiday ends up being a stressful string of anxious parking moments interspersed with long walks to the shops. And if you plan to drive across a muddy field, expect to get stuck!

VW T5s and T6s may be smaller, but through careful design, you’d be amazed at how much useful space our conversions possess. So you get to spend more time relaxing on your holiday, which after all is the whole point.

The other thing our customer said was how economical the van was. He left here with a quarter of a tank, filled it up in Hull and drove down to Glastonbury. Then he drove it back again and returned it with more fuel in the tank than when he left us. Being a Yorkshireman I understand how much this must have hurt.

Unlike large mobile homes that have the aerodynamic qualities of an industrial chest freezer, VW campers have almost the same drag coefficient as when they were originally designed by VW. This means that their engines are not over stressed, the gears are exactly right and they use far less fuel than a struggling great leviathan. It also means they are so much nicer to drive.

So you arrive at your destination earlier than perhaps you’d expect and less tired too. Then with the saving you’ve made on fuel, you can afford to buy an extra special bottle of wine and relax watching the sunset. Whilst you wait for the lumbering giants to arrive.