The joy of having a campervan made to order is that you can customise it to your own tastes. And this makes it special.

Some people who come to us choose a safe option and have their van built in fairly neutral colours. Certainly this will appeal to a broader range of potential customers when it comes time to sell it on; but perhaps you want something a little more ‘you’.

We certainly get customers who want their van to be a bold statement saying something about them and over the last few years we have undertaken some fairly bold conversions. From bright pink and purple, through electric blues to black with lime green, we have produced a rainbow of interiors. The owners have loved them and they can be certain that their vans are unique.

There is no doubt that whatever the interior, when it comes time to sell their 8 Ball Camper Conversions T5 or T6, they will have no trouble achieving a great resale price. However those with extremely distinctive interiors will have to accept that the number of people sharing their tastes exactly will be small, but once they find the right customer, they may well pay extra to possess such a vehicle.
So what if you want the best of both worlds; a funky van that at the same time can still appeal to a mass market?

How about a conversion that uses mainstream cupboards and flooring, but which has very distinctive cab trims? After all, if a new owner doesn’t like your style it’s a lot cheaper to replace the trims when you change your vehicle. And you could even swap them over to a new van if it’s the same model.

8 Ball Camper Conversions can make the cab of your van look as individual as you want, thanks to a process known as hydro dipping.
This is where a printed image is created on a special film that can be applied to almost any plastic surface. Once applied, it is then lacquered for longevity. To give you some idea of what can be done, here are some examples to get your imagination going.