What’s on your wish list from Santa then?

You’d be amazed what VW T5 and T6 enthusiasts ask Santa for at Christmas. Perhaps against expected stereotypes, it seems that ladies often want to embellish their VW vans more than men.

Dear Santa,
I’ve been a very good girl and I’d really like a full conversion by 8 Ball Camper Conversions please. Their work looks great and I’m told they will make me a van just the way I want it.

In fact, I’ve been so good can I have some extras too please?

I wonder if they could make all the seats leather and with VW embossed in them? Do you think I could choose the colour of the stitching too, as I really like red?

Some under worktop lighting would be good. Is it possible to have something that makes it look cosy and romantic for us grownups but at the same time the kids can have it multicoloured as though it was their own private disco?

A nice warm Webasto diesel heater would be great, so that we can be snugly and warm even in the depths of winter when we’re in the Scottish Highlands.

I think a Loc8 Table System would be a handy option so that we can have picnic lunches outside the van when it’s warm again and have a place to store the table when we’re not using it.

Some speakers in the back connected to a Bluetooth receiver would be fantastic. Then I can play my Steps and Boyzone albums from my phone when the boys are out walking.

I guess solar panels on the roof would be good to help keep the leisure battery topped up if we don’t use the van for a while.

A Reimo rail on the side would be helpful too; then we could attach a tent or an awning (and maybe get the kids to sleep in there some nights )

Thinking ahead, I think a safe would be handy so that we can lock things away out of sight if we leave the van unattended.

Oh and knowing how clumsy the kids are, I think a rear bumper protector would be a good idea too. That way they won’t end up scratching the paintwork when they put all their gear in the back.

And finally some pretty coloured scatter cushions would make it feel like home from home.

Lots of love
(aged 37 and a quarter)

Dear Santa,
Please can you give my wife whatever she wants, so long as I can choose the van in the first place?

(The long suffering husband)

From all of us at 8 Ball Camper Conversions (Colin, Mike, Neil and Pud), we hope you have a great Christmas and a fantastic 2017 full of exciting adventures made possible by your campervan.