A new home for 8 Ball Camper Conversions part 1

Once you’ve arrived at your destination, all you really want to do is sit down, open a bottle and relax. So you need an easily accessible comfy chair or two and a handy table on which to put your bottle and assorted bowls of nibbles. Until recently this meant grovelling around under all your gear to find your deckchairs and then cursing the fact that your table only fitted inside your van when you want to be outside enjoying the view.

Things improved greatly a couple of years ago with the advent of the Loc8 Table System which allows easy storage of a brilliant camping table in your sliding door. The table itself can be used both inside and outside your van, so it’s a really versatile option. But the problem of the chairs remained; until now that is.

We are now proud to offer The Chairpod; a great idea taken from the VW California and developed here in the UK. The Chairpod fits onto the tailgate of your T5 or T6 and allows you to securely store two high quality light weight camping chairs in a place that is immediately accessible.

The pod itself is a neat black canvas style soft case which is neatly attached to the tailgate. Inside the chairpod is storage for the 2 camping chairs, which are then neatly zipped in when not in use. To get them out you simply unzip the Chairpod and unclip 2 securing tabs on the chair. Within seconds you’ve got the chair out and you can celebrate arrival at your destination by opening a bottle or two and having a well-deserved rest.

The chairs themselves are ultra-lightweight, but extremely strong and they have a capacity of 120kg (which is almost 19 stone if you are old fashioned). Best of all, they are comfy too!

And if the heavens open, it takes just seconds to fold them up and store them back in the Chairpod before climbing back in the van, taking your Loc8 Table with you.

So taken together, the Loc8 Table System and Chairpod gives you the best possible way to have a camping table and chairs that are easily accessible when you need them and neatly stored out of the way when you don’t.

  • Dig out and then construct your foundations.This part we left to others, so we couldn’t be blamed if the main bolting locations ended up in the wrong place. After pouring the concrete, we left it for a good few days for it to set.
  • Build the frameWe somehow managed to choose a nice sunny day to bring in all the steel, which Colin had already ensured had been painted bright green. The measurements were pretty much spot-on and within a day the frame of the building was up, thanks to people who must have played with a lot of Meccano as children.The main steel sections arrive on site

… within a few hours we had a frame.

  • Add the roof. In a rush to get the roof on before the weather turned again, the chaps worked fast and if you are being hyper critical you may notice that the roof windows are not exactly central to the two entrance bays. Nobody has noticed yet, but nevertheless it was touch and go for a while if we could live with the slight discrepancy. This is the problem when you’re a bunch of perfectionists; we notice things most people don’t and it eats away at our souls. This is greatly beneficial to you if we are making a camper for you; less so when the weather is about to turn and bricklayers are due on site the next day.The roof is on (and the windows are in the correct place…honestly).
  • Build up your walls, first building up internal blockwork and then neatly facing the walls with bricks. It was at this point that the weather was due to turn so we did our best to put up a large tarpaulin wall to keep things as dry as possible. The downside was that it made it really dark in there and with no electricity on site, you had to wonder whether the brick layers would be able to work blind.
  • Still, with the tarp in place the brick layers arrived to work in dark, wet, miserable conditions for over a week, building up the blockwork and then the outer lower skin of the building. To keep them on-side we provided gallons of tea, encouraging comments and regular fish and chips. And of course as soon as they finished, the sun came out again so that Colin could take a photo. The front wall taking shape in the sunshine
  • And now all that’s left is to finish the walls, make a floor, lay the drains, build the mezzanine, build internal walls, add wiring and alarm systems, hook up the services….. dig up the road and have no water for 3 months thanks to COVID. But that’s for next time.

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